Announcing “CSS for Designers” my new video series!

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I am happy to announce my new video series published my O’Reilly Media. CSS for Designers: Organizing, Developing, and Optimizing Your CSS.

In this video series you will learn how to organize and create a structure for your CSS code.  Quickly changing code is great, but it can sometimes be your undoing. To avoid those problems, I focus on creating a stable workflow. You will learn to organize your CSS coding into three stages.

  1. Creating a Non-functional requirements document – Learn how to create a guide for yourself before you even start. Specify which browsers you need to support, accessibility requirements, screen sizes, and specific technologies you need to use or have available. This document is my road map for myself and I even have the team or a client sign off on it. Its all about knowing what I am going to build first.
  2. Creating a Style Guide – Instead of jumping in feet first, you will learn how to focus on creating a style guide for every page element you will encounter, every font style, and every user interface element. You will use this as a library for the project. The goal is to create a style guide where you can focus on building these separate page elements and reuse them over and over again. It is also easier to build them without the pressure of trying to build them inside the pages you are designing. When you are done, get this approved by design and store it for future use in your library.
  3. Creating a Page Template – Now that you have your style guide and your roadmap of what you are building, you are off to the races! You will learn about creating page templates for all of the page types you will encounter in your project. It is easier to build these separately and then copy them into your CMS. Once in the CMS you can combine your page template and style guide. Use your page templates to test, share, and create more page types.

Plan what you will be building.  Take time to set up your project. Spend time breaking designs down to core page elements.  Then structure pages correctly and choose the right classes and div’s… This is the hardest part…

…Coding the pages is the fun and easy part! Enjoy the Video Series.

Watch my new video series at

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