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Adrian Mendoza is an experienced entrepreneur. He has led both creative and technology teams during his 20 years of experience.   In 2009 he co-founded Marlin Mobile, a startup in the Mobile crowd testing space, that raised 2.5 million in venture backed funding. In 2014, he pivoted that company to co-found, Apptient in the mobile ad space, raising an addition 500k in venture funding. He has been a startup CTO since 2009. He has built multiple technology teams, built four technology stacks, created two product pipelines and acted as a product architect.

Adrian has worked with large brands to design their experience for both online and mobile. He has worked with such brands as Tropicana, Denver International Airport, T.Rowe Price, Putnam Investments and Forrester. He has worked with ad agencies like Mullen, Sapient, and Razorfish to work with their customers’ experience.

He is the author of “Mobile User Experience”, a book on mobile user experience published by Elsevier in 2013, adapted industry wide as the standard for mobile user experience education, and of the video series “CSS for designers” published by O’Reilly on 2015. He advises other start up CTOs on the challenges of starting and scaling their business. Additional is a speaker and thought leader on topics of mobile, user experience, and entrepreneurship.

Adrian earned his Bachelors from the University of Southern California graduating Suma cum laude and received the Henry Adams AIA Scholastic Gold Medal. In 2000, he received his Masters from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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