Mobile Unleashed: Creating a plan to build and optimize your mobile experiences

Mobile can seem like a big hurdle with no beginning or end. It has introduced new challenges to creating and optimizing web experiences, especially when it comes to the smartphone and tablet. How do you plan for building your mobile experience? How do you start it? And how do you optimize the performance for this changing landscape? At Marlin Mobile we began by focusing on how mobile devices affect your user experience. Our data helps developers, business, and designers to better plan and give insight into how to start, optimize, and prepare for going mobile.

Our core belief is that mobile is just not something you can ignore, but rather you can have the data and insight to prepare and build from.

In my talk I am going to present some of our mobile insights, trends, and problems we see in the mobile web. I will present some methods to plan, optimize, and give tools to help your mobile experiences.

Here are the slides.


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