Mobile UX 2.0: Designing for performance

The profession of User Experience has changed with the addition of smartphones and tablets. Patterns, user behaviors, and techniques that worked for the desktop have either changed or become obsolete on mobile. Mobile has introduced the next layer of complexity by adding touch gestures, different form factors, and multiple screen sizes. With all of this, the core of user experience design has not changed: design better and optimized experiences for users.

Yet there is one concept in Mobile User Experience that requires us to start thinking and designing in a different manner: performance. Whether the user is on a smartphone or tablet their user experience is not just dependent on design, but also on how fast that experience loads. In mobile user experience, design and performance are inherently linked together. The changes made to one and the other directly affect the speed at which a user can open, navigate, and explore that mobile website or app.

In my talk, I am going to present an introduction to the topic of designing mobile user experiences for performance. My goal is to build the awareness that the critical key of driving a mobile websites or apps performance comes from the UX design itself. With the right tools and best practices a designer or developer can optimize their experience for mobile performance. I will be using a series of design patterns to illustrate how changes in ux and design can influence performance directly. I will also be presenting methodologies and tools for integrating the techniques and best practices into your workflows.

By designing for performance we can improve and optimize the speed of our mobile user experiences!

Here are the slides.


  1. Adrian Mendoza » Thank you to Boston CHI! @boston_chi
    February 13, 2014

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